How to convert audio to text

1. Click on 'Automated' for automated transcription.
2. Select a language. The default is English (United Kingdom). See here for the languages we support.
Convert Audio To Text
3. You can choose to have timestamps in the transcript. Timestamps can be added at the beginning of every paragraph or every word. Timestamps are useful when you have to edit the transcript once automatic transcription is done.
4. Select which account to use, we recommend that you start with free trial to see if you are happy with the quality. Note that you'll have to activate your free trial first.
5. Select a recording from your computer.
Convert Audio To Text
6. Now the duration of your recording is shown on the screen.
7. Select a segment of the file you'd like to transcribe. Enter starting time in the format of hh:hh:ss, and do the same for ending time. For example, this sample recording is 1 minute and 34 seconds long. If we'd like to transcribe the whole recording, we enter starting time as (00:00:00) to ending time (00:01:34).
8. Click on Upload and start the uploading process. Note that the larger the file, the longer it'll take.
9. Check the status of the file. When the status changes from 'transcribing' or 'queuing' to 'transcribed', it's done.
10. Click on the filename or T to open the file. Now you can check and edit the transcript!

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