How to use Transcribear's dictation software for live transcription

1. First, create an account on Transcribear.
2. Sign into your account, and you will see three functions available: Manual, Automated, and Dictation. Click on Dictation.
Dictation Software
3. You'll enter the online editor's page, where you can start your live transcription. Click on the microphone's icon.
* Note that our automatic dictation software only supports Desktop Chrome at the moment. If you use a different browser or a smart phone/an iPad, an error message may pop up.
Dictation Software
4. Select a language. Our live transcription software currently supports nearly 100 different languages and varieties. Learn More
Dictation Software
5. When the microphone icon turns red, you can start dictation. The transcript will appear on the screen in real time.
Dictation Software
6. Our live transcription service is different from many other online dictation tools as it offers uninterrupted dictation. If you want to stop dictation, simply click on the mic again.
* Based on our comprehensive testing, our online dictation software can achieve more than 95% accuracy!
7. While automatic dictation is ongoing, you cannot edit the text. Once you stop live transcription, however, you can always go back to edit the transcript.
* Currently capitalisation and punctuation are NOT fully supported, but you can try saying the command ?full stop? (English ONLY), and a full stop will be added to the transcript. Now the duration of your recording is shown on the screen.

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